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Tim McDonough <tim@mcdonough.net> wrote:
> I need to build up a small Linux box that will live at
> another site so I have a spot to send a backup file each
> evening. The other site is concerned with a) physical size
> and b) noise as they have no computer room, just a shelf in
> their office area.

What kind of performance and storage do you need?

If you don't need a lot of performance, the ViA EPIA/C3
Mini-ITX solutions are very nice.  For ultra-portability, I
like the Travla C156 -- which is only 7" x 7" x 2.7" and has
a handle on the back for easy carrying:  

The thing is near dead-silent (and could be completely
fanless if you go with a 600MHz C3 instead of a 1.2GHz C3
like I did).  Casetronic Engineering can assemble them in

If you want more of a 1U rackmount, with 2 PCI slots and
takes full 3.5" size hard drives, but is only 10" deep, the
Travla C159 is an option.

Otherwise, if you need more expandability and cooling with 4
PCI slots, (3) 3.5" and (2) 5.25" bays and a 120mm exhaust
fan (but only running at 1,000rpm and far more silent than
most PCs), I like the 9" x 11" x 14"  Chemning 118:

The first link shows the exact size differences between the
Travla C156 and that Cube.
> Anyone have experience with the small form factor boxes
> like the Shuttles, etc.? The system itself does not need to
> be especially beefy. It will mostly sit and wait for an
> SSH/SCP connection once or twice a day.

I'd say go for a Mini-ITX.

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