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Re: Sorry about the missing title

Bryan J. Smith wrote ..
> And yes, this is the company's policy at a salaried job -- no overtime,
> no compensation.  First time I've ever seen this.

Hmmm. Salaried, no? Any reason only clocking 38 hours a week should be treated
differently than when they expect you to clock 43?

Take a personal day or a vacation day.

If you don't have those kinds of benefits, well, blame Wal-Mart.

> For everything else *COUGH*commercials*COUGH* there's "ManningCard"

I don't get this. What's the reference? Eli/Payton Manning?

Oh, and I'm sorry about goofing on the subject line in my original post.

Also, Bryan -- if you're looking for a host for your homepages, contact me off-list.


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