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Bryan J. Smith wrote ..
> And yes, this is the company's policy at a salaried job -- no overtime,
> no compensation.  First time I've ever seen this.

Salaried, eh?

Start working 38 hours a week and stick to your guns on that -- not a minute more.
That is, if you want them to relieve you from the burdens of their contract.
Keep in mind that Florida may very well not be a "right-to-work" state, in 
which case, you don't have any obligation to "show up" for work, just as
the employer has no obligation to provide a job for you when you do.

And you know, when they shove that paper in front of you and ask you to sign,
you are more than within your rights to redline (and initial) clauses you don't agree with.

Are you sure you like Florida that much, eh?


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