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Re: Broadcom Wireless NIC

Timothy M Grossner wrote:
> Has anyone had any experience with using the bcm43xx driver? It seems 
> hit and miss on my Acer 5000 series laptop, working fine for a whole day 
> then all of a sudden unable to even see AP's. I am using Fedora Core 5, 
> and found a great howto for it, using bcm43xx-fwcutter, and NetworkManager.
> If I decide to just get a PCcard wireless card, who has a recommendation 
> for a good one?

Intel Pro Wireless has good open source drivers that are included in the 
kernel.  You can buy an mini-pci card from Steve or anyone else.  I did 
that when I got my Ferrari 4000 and was too lazy to play with the ndis 
Dan Fleischer
Bank & Trust Co.

Ofc. 217-854-3554
Cell 217-971-6373
Fax  217-854-3244


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