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Re: 64 Bit Linux

On Fri, Sep 08, 2006 at 08:30:03PM -0500, Travis Davies wrote:
> Ok Just so I understand this correctly, what you are saying is that AMD64
> can run 32 bit instruction code?

I not only can run it, but it runs natively (full-speed).

Of course, 64-bit Windows breaks that by making 32-bit library calls
translate into 64-bit calls (just like they did going from Win16 to
Win32).  On Linux though, 64-bit executables use 64-bit libraries, and
32-bit executables use 32-bit libraries.  This does take more disk and
memory (if you use any 32-bit stuff), but it means everything runs at
native speeds.

I run several 32-bit apps, including firefox (so flash-plugin and java
work), mplayer and friends (I'm not clear on if the Windows codec
stuff works on 64-bit), and pearpc (64-bit version seems to be missing
optimizations that the 32-bit version has, makeing it painfully slow).

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