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good OSS fierwall?

I currently have an Edgeforce firewall from ServGate. 
The company defaulted on their loan and the bank took
over.  It was a great firewall appliance for the
price.   I have yearly subscriptions for Macafee AV,
spam filtering and web filtering and intrusion
detection.  It was a good price for the services 2
years ago when I got it.   
Anyway, the VP is on me about $ this year and I don't
even want to bring this up to him.  What good OSS
firewall suites do any of you recommend?  I would
prefer to be able to do AV, spam and web filtering.
I am leary of going with a closed source firewall
suite or appliance from a small company and the big
name boys will be up around 10K+
Thoughts or ideas?

Get your own web address.  
Have a HUGE year through Yahoo! Small Business.

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