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Re: LUCI meeting tonight; jobs; ESR

Yes, I had read some of the posts on that thread. 
Maybe Eric is better able to comment on this since he
is a Fedora Extras maintainer.  But here is my $.02
ESR is more pragmatic about having a desktop that
"just works" even if it includes proprietary stuff.  I
use Ubuntu Edgy on my workstation here at work,
openSuse 10.2 on my laptop and computer at home, and
SLED 10 on another work laptop.  I had installed FC6
on my home computer as well, but did not get the grub
edited correctly so it is not coming up.  (yes 1 of
those things that I should get around to do, but may
end up waiting till FC7 comes out.)
I am also running CentOS4 on 4 servers at work and
rhel4 on another.
That being said, I am happy with RHEL and CentOS on
the server, but I am looking at the possibility of
replacing winblows 2k term server with a linux
solution.  I know that Novell may not be a popular
term in many people's mind right now, but for a
desktop distro, it is hard to beat.  Novell is
supposed to release all the winblows multimedia and
dvd codecs in their SP1 due out later this year.  If
they can jump on the Dell linux on the desktop
bandwagon, that would be a good thing.  The only thing
missing would be custom winblows apps.  Wine is not
quite ready.  We have a vendor for imaging where the
app is written in .Net and wine does not handle that

P.S. If you know of a way to integrate (publish)
windows apps on a linux desktop like citrix allows for
application publishing, let me know.  (read: free/open
or next to free as my budget got slashed to bare

P.S.S. I would be curious to hear what you all have to
say about IT jobs here in central Illinois.  I am
tired of the low budget, high hours, mediocre pay.  I
am not sure if this is just as good as it gets and I
should just suck it up and quit my pissing and moaning
or if there are greener pastures here in this area.

--- Travis Davies <travisdavies@gmail.com> wrote:

> Greetings Everyone,
> I'm sure some of you have seen this, but in case you
> haven't I just thought
> I would post this. I found it interesting.  I am not
> a Red Hat/Fedora user
> but was curious about what any of your thoughts are
> on Eric Raymond's
> decision.
> Travis
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> By moral standard,  I reject the the pursuit of
> material wealth as the
> primary goal of living.

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