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Re: Simple way to save login/password info

> > Well, you could
> >   scp /etc/passwd /etc/shadow backupmachine:/backupdir/

Probably best to use rsync here; faster, compresses the stream, doesn't 
just blindly overwrite the remote end, etc.

> Don't forget /etc/group and /etc/gshadow.

> I usually just back up all of /etc, just to be safe.

I agree, take all of /etc. 

And I'll raise you one more... forget rsync and scp, and just import it 
into a private cvs or subversion repository, and back THAT up instead. 

Not only does this give you the flexibility of returning to any point in 
time, but it also allows you to see the changes over time as well (whi

David A. Desrosiers
Linux on Power Developer Program Manager

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