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Re: Best distro for running a Linux wireless AP

On Tue, Jun 12, 2007 at 03:49:01PM -0500, Tim Grossner wrote:
> In my admitedly exploration into the world of open source traffic encryption
> I have noticed that there doesnt seem to be the effort to simplify it like
> other networking aspect in Linux. I played a bit today with openswan,
> dabbled a bit with openvpn, and none of it is simplified. I am obviously
> capable of troubleshooting it and getting it working, but in the short time
> I had today to play with it I had NO luck :-)

Believe it or not, openswan is *much* easier to set up than freeswan
used to be.  (It's still a pain, but it's much less pain than it used
to be...)

I put the notes I use to set up OpenVPN on the fedoraproject.org wiki,
if it helps:


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