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rsync question regarding ports

I'm working on setting up rsync to periodically mirror some files on 
several computers across an Internet connection. I go through ssh for 
some added security.

I have a simple test setup working on one machine but another computer 
uses a non-standard port for incoming ssh connections and that one has 
me stumped.

My command line for the working system is something like...

rsync --rsh=ssh --recursive --times --perms --delete \
/home/timm/rsynctest/* username@mydomain.com:username

If I don't use ssh and switch to a double colon for plain rsh it works 

The ssh keys work properly, I'm using them with scp elsewhere.

In the example above I need to specify a certain port for ssh on 
mydomain.com. I'm reading through the docs at the rsync site but I've 
probably stared at it so long I'm not seeing what I need.

Tim (Glad it's Friday!)

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