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OT: Introduction To Linux class

As I mentioned the last time I managed to make it to a meeting, we'll
be opening a new store (and a new training room) soon (September 1, if
all goes well).  The new store is in Shiloh, IL, which is an hour and
a half or so drive south of Springfield.


I've started to schedule classes.  If any of you are interested, take
a look at the Google calendar I set up for the training room:


(You'll have to jump to next month to actually see anything.)

The first class I'll be teaching is one on Linux basics and concepts.
Since I'm not sure if our training room is going to be completely set up
by the time this class starts (September 10), I'm offering a large
discount on this first class.  The course description and such follows.
Email me if you are interested or have any questions.

Course Description:

"Introduction to Linux" focuses on Linux basics and concepts.  Linux
is an open-source implementation of a Unix kernel.  While the Linux
kernel has only existed since 1991, it shares an architecture and
history with Unix that goes back over 20 years longer.

This class is designed to introduce students not only to what Linux is,
but also what is different about using Linux, Unix, and open-source
software.  Students will learn the fundamentals of Linux history,
licensing, and architecture.

This class is intended as an introduction to our LPI certification
classes.  It is also appropriate for technical managers and others who
want to understand what Linux is.

Pricing and Schedule:

"Introduction to Linux" is a 3-day class.  It will be offered on
September 10, 11, and 13 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  (Future classes
will be held on 3 consecutive days.  We discovered a scheduling
conflict at the last minute for this first class.)  The price for the
class will be $1500/person, with lunch provided for each student.  As a
special introductory offer, we're discounting the September 2007 class
to $500.

Steven Pritchard                   Computer Room
Email: steve@computerroom.us       http://www.computerroom.us/
Mobile: (618)567-7320              Phone: (618)398-3000

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