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Fedora Daily Package

In last night's LUCI meeting I mentioned the site called "Fedora Daily
Package". It's run by a Canadian computer science teacher (and author of
an O'Reily book on Fedora 6) and when he keeps it up he highlights an
obscure package or topic every Monday through Friday. The days are themed:

Productive Monday (general tools)
Artsy Tuesday (things to do with graphics or media)
Wednesday Why (an explanation of the inner workings of Fedora)
GUI Thursday (GUI interfaces to command line stuff)
Friday Fun (fun on Friday)


In particular I liked Tuesday's entry on the "gimp-resynthesizer". This
includes some scrip-fu plug-ins and extensions for the Gimp which allow
easy creation of tillable textures, and something called "smart select
removal" which is pretty smart.


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