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Open Source 1st person shooter

I mentioned the Nexuiz game earlier. http://www.alientrap.org/nexuiz/

I was mistaken about the engine version. It is in fact a heavily 
modified Quake 1 engine.

The Quake 1 engine was released to the open source community a few years 

Here are a couple of hi-res flash vids.

Neil Moore of www.logichaos.com recorded himself playing a team deathmatch.

You man need the latest flash plugin to view the clips and you may also 
need to pause it to let it buffer a bit.

The first clip is an excerpt of one of his better frags.

He chased a guy around, shot the ground to propel himself into the air, 
swung around in mid air and shot the dude on the ground which looked 
like the explosion propelled the dude into the air where he then machine 
gunned him into hamburger.  :-)

He has his weapons mapped to keys. This how he can precisely switch so 
fast to various weapons.

Short Clip

Following is the full match.

Very interesting to watch. Hard to believe they can jump around that 
fast but I've seem him do it and it really is that fast.

The video is NOT sped up

He started off getting killed a few times but started doing better as 
the match went on. Neil got like 30 frags while his team mate got only 7.

The other team won.

According to Neil, the red team is pretty experienced with this game.

Full match

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