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Re: Old Laptops Recycling?

If you live in the Springfield, Jacksonville, Taylorville, or Decatur areas, BLH Computers offers free recycling:


Recycling Program Participants
Christian County, Morgan County, Green County, City of Springfield, City of Williamsville, City of Jacksonville, City of Taylorville
BLH has partnered with several surrounding areas to provide this service free of charge to residents.  If you are not a resident of these areas there is a $10 charge for tube (CRT) monitors.  There are no other charges with the exception of televisions.








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I presume there is something closer, but something probably something like this would glady take old hardware:



On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 11:17 AM, Herbie <technowombat@yahoo.com> wrote:

Is there any use for a laptops 286/386/486/586? I'm clearing out all the crap in my basement and have a box of old laptops, too old for somewhere like the ComputerBanc (who has requirements in excess of what I use for everyday machines) also some old DAT / Zip / Other drives bascically the detritus of years in computers?


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