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Re: MP3 recoding problems

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Is it too late to suggest this?  'Cause it works for me...

cat random_stuff/*.mp3 | lame --mp3input - out.mp3

- From there, just add whatever options you want to lame to adjust
bitrate and whatnot.

- --Danny, who should obviously pay closer attention to the mailing list

On 04/28/2010 11:23 AM, Lousy Bassist wrote:
> I have a problem with my method of recoding MP3's.
> What I'm doing is using mplayer to stream a random selection of
> MP3's, with altered speed to a named pipe.
> Then I am cat'ing that pipe into lame and recoding a single cohesive
> MP3.
> # mplayer -loop 0 -shuffle -speed .2 random_stuff/*mp3
> # cat audiodump.wav | lame -q7 - out.mp3
> (in two separate terminals)
> My problems are:
> 1. I have to keep the quality setting of lame raised, otherwise when
> mplayer reaches the end of one sample, lame finishes before the next
> sample starts and the whole process stops.
> 2. I have to manually stop the process by using ls and checking the
> output file size.
> What I want to be able to do is lower the quality and bitrate of the
> encoding, so it runs a lot faster, and takes up less space, yet
> continues to run between mplayer swapping samples.
> Also be able to stop the encoding and move on when either the file
> size reaches a specified point, say 50MB. Or go by play length and
> have the encoding stop when the output MP3 reaches a specified
> length, say an hour. Whichever is easiest to code.
> h.
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