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Pianoteq providing support for the Linux operating system.

I stumbled onto this and on their site there is a "listen" menu with 
lots of mp3 examples of this software in action. Very nice.


Where I read the article

Pianoteq <http://pianoteq.com/> is an effort to model, rather than 
sample, acoustic pianos and other instruments on the computer. Now in 
its third major release, its interface and sound generation have each 
matured. Using mathematical models in place of recorded sounds, an 
entire grand piano fits in just a few megs of space, rather than 
requiring several DVDs, and the software maker claims the results can be 
more natural and playable.

Pianoteq, which runs as do its rivals on Mac and Windows, is also 
unusual in providing support for the Linux operating system – something 
some developers have claimed isn’t practical with commercial music 
software. And a new “Player” addition, announced this month, makes it 
more affordable. In addition to software development, the team has even 
launched an extensive piano restoration effort:

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