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KVM Centos 6 / Virtualmin Pro Demo via VNC

If anyone is interested, I would be willing to demo an install of Centos 
Minimal Net install, and then install Virtualmin Pro via the install.sh 
script. This Is a minimalist install for all you minimalists. This setup 
can probably support up to 50 virtual servers within the constraints of 
21 Dollar a month KVM vps server with 2 gigs of ram and a single 
processor. As long as you don't wind up on Jay Lenno promoting your new 
music video this should work. Otherwise you'll need Right Scale to scale 
your cloud server seamlessly upwards with the detection of traffic so 
you don't experience a DOS. That is a bit more pricey than 21 bucks a 
month :-)

Does this sound interesting?

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