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2.6 vs 3.2 xorg issue

Has anyone encountered something like this?

I just upgraded my debian system, and was using it for a while and it 
seemed OK. Then I rebooted it and suddenly when I ran apps like GIMP, xorg 
would consume vast amounts of CPU and become unusable.

After futzing for a while, I discovered if I booted my system with the 
older 2.6.32 kernel, everything worked fine, the same apps would run quite 
happily. Just to check I rebooted it into 3.2.0 and the same thing again, 
some of my larger GIMP creations were unworkable, the system just bogged 
down and became impossible. The only other workaround I found was 
shrinking the GIMP window down and working on little strips of the design, 
rather than having it all on screen.

Anyways, I'm going to stick with 2.6 for now, and maybe I can get flash 
working again too.


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