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expanding Europe's Linux Presentation Day to the US


in May 2015 Berlin's Linux user group (BeLUG) has started a new type of event 
which has spread quickly all over Europe and recently (for the next event) to 
other parts of the world, too: the Linux Presentation Day (LPD)

2015.1: Berlin only
2016.1 & 2016.2: 120+ cities in 15 European countries
2017.1: first locations outside Europe (USA, Canada, New Zealand, probably 
Australia and Israel, too; April / May 2017)

Until now there were large LPD events in Germany and Italy only. In most 
countries there are only a few locations. But the first LPD in the USA will 
probably be a large event, too.

I contact you because we intend to expand the LPD beyond Europe next year and 
you are probably interested in a larger propagation of Linux.

The aim of the LPD towards the general public is to provide biannual and 
comprehensive information events about Linux for private users who would like 
to get a first impression of Linux.

The aim towards the media is to make the event so big (both nationally and 
internationally) that the nationwide non-IT media cover it (and thereby Linux) 

The aim towards the Linux community is that an LPD event can be very small and 
easy to organize (even without costs). The local organizers decide on their 
own what their event shall be like; we just make suggestions and offer support 
(e.g. free posters and stickers).

You can find a longer description of the concept here:


Are you as an organization interested in participating in the LPD? If not: Are 
any of your members interested in helping us bring the LPD to the US?

This event is very useful for finding new members.

Best regards,

(Mr.) Hauke Laging

International phone contact for the Linux Presentation Day:
     tel:+49-30-55579620 (13:00–23:00, German and English)

XMPP (Chat with OTR): linux-presentation-day@jabber.ccc.de
   OTR: 91626899 1C06F2BD 75EC2441 35C696CE 38F75997

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