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Lost Drive?

Today I installed a new motherboard/proc(s) combo, and now I don't seem to
have a superblock on one of my drives, thus it's not happily mountable. 
Fsck also isn't real happy with that little problem.  I've yet to figure
out what happened to it.  I guess the heat of 3 drives real close must've
done soemthing, as it worked initialy, and when I unplug it I no longer get
DMA errors on the other drives...

Anyway, there oughtta be backup superblocks all over that disk, does anyone
know how in th eheck I figure out where?  Should I just start running
"fsck -b $BLOCK /dev/hdd1" with an ever increasing value in $BLOCK, or is
there a less obtuse way that's not so hideous? :)

Speaking of hard drives, does anyone know if there's support for any ATA/66
controllers that aren't Promise's controller?  Specifically, an "HPT366
Ultra ATA/66" controller (that comes on BP6 boards)?  I'd be happy with
ATA/33 speed, or even less for a while...

--Danny, who wants to use more than 2 drives...

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