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Linux Demo Day

Hey all,

I just wanted to remind everyone that the Linux Demo Day is just
around the corner, and I think it's imperative that we work together
to make it a success here in Springfield. The web site for Linux
Demo Day is: http://www.linuxdemo.org/home.shtml . 

I also think it's a possibility to use the Springfield Library for this 
event, but if you know of someplace better to have this at please
don't hesitate to make yourself heard with a suggestion. 

As far as the actual demo goes, my take on it would be to get
about 8 machines of varying speed together, and a 9th server
machine (for a web server), and build a small network to show
off the common, at-home tasks that can be accomplished on
Linux without any difficulty. I don't think we should geek out on
this one like computerfest since we are trying to reach your
average person (so NO sparcs, no clusters, etc, etc). I would
also like to use the demo day as a springboard for the Install-
fest (again we need a place to hold this).

I put these suggestions up for scrutiny =). Have fun.


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