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My license plates.

Ok, everyone, watch out for a red Honda Civic sedan with tinted windows
bearing the license plate: GNUGEN 1.  The driver is a Linux extremeist and
a known Open Source freak.  Driver should be considered geeky.  Approach with
caution; caffiene highs can do weird things to a geek's mind. 


Damacus		| damacus@bastion.cnsnet.net ** damacus@statiknet.org
New as of 6/14	| PGP: http://bastion.cnsnet.net/~damacus/damacus-key.asc
		| Administrator, Cimarron Network Services, Inc.
IRC:  (EFnet)	| #statik	http://www.statiknet.org  
nick: damacus	| #dc-stuff	http://www.attrition.org/ (hosted/dc-stuff)

	Trust the computer industry to shorten "Year 2000" to Y2K.  It
	was this kind of thinking that caused the problem in the first
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        X  ASCII Ribbon campaign against HTML E-Mail
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