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squid problem

Anyone know offhand what would cause ?? to do this:

939268537.366     10 TCP_MISS/503 1207 GET
http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ - DIRECT/setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu -

(note that I get a "host not found" error there) and this:

sauer@cloud233:/var/squid/logs > telnet setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu 80
setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu: Unknown host

when this:

sauer@cloud233:/var/squid/logs > nslookup setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu
Server:  cloud120.cloudmaster.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    milkyway.SSL.Berkeley.EDU
Aliases:  setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu

is true?

From the gateway/DNS machine, I can telnet in on port 80 (and elsewhere) and
everything's OK.  From any internal machines, I can't connect to the same
host.  I have most connectivity though, as I can get out and connect to
other external machines.  It seems that a few random hosts just become

Anyway, and hints would be cool because I need to fix this problem, and it'd
be nice to add a little more to my personal experience. ;)


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