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On 2 Jan 2000 Erich Schroeder wrote:
> I'm playing with setting up a new dell system that has hardware
> RAID (I've been told).  Because dell wouldn't do anything else,
> it came with WinNT.

Hey!  What happened to Dell's optional Linux install?

> After that, I tried Redhat 6.0...(more experience with that)
> and it worked, I think. Still, I don't know about the hardware
> raid. Do I need to install it to the first disk, then recompile
> the kernel to support the RAID? At boot time I see it mention
> "loading aic7xxx module" which looks like it is seeing the
> right RAID card, right?

aic7xxx is the Adaptec SCSI driver.  RedHat 6.0's installer
handled AMI MegaRaid, which I think a synonym for Dell's
Power Edge Raid Controller--not sure what you'd look for
among boot messages tho'...

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