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Re: man grep

Jay Link said:
> cat /etc/passwd | perl -e 'while (<>) { ($one, $two, $three, $four) =
> split (/:/, $_, 4); print if ($three <= 150); }'

Or maybe

    perl -ne 'print if ((split /:/)[2]<=150);' /etc/passwd

Actually, the original mail said that the third field should be
between 1 and 150, so the following would be a little better:

    perl -ne '$n=(split /:/)[2]; print if (($n>0)&&($n<=150));' /etc/passwd

But we can also use some Perl command line options to shorten that
down a bit...

    perl -F: -ane 'print if (($F[2]>0)&&($F[2]<=150));' /etc/passwd

And just so people don't think I'm a complete Perl bigot (even if I am
;), here's the same thing using awk:

    awk -F: '{if (($3>0)&&($3<=150)){print}}' /etc/passwd

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