Friday April 18, 2014

Linux Users of Central Illinois

The Linux Users Group of Springfield, Illinois and the surrounding area.

Some other users groups in the area:
Chicagoland Linux Users Group

Southern Illinois Linux Users Group
Springfield Perl Mongers
St. Louis Linux Users Group

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Meeting Info:

Meetings of the Linux Users of Central Illinois are the 4th Tuesday of every month from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Illinois State Museum Research and Collections Center in Springfield, IL. (The Illinois State Museum Research and Collections Center is located at 1011 E. Ash Street. Follow the link for a map and driving directions.)

The next LUCI meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

In addition to the regular meeting, there is also a special Newbie Night, intended for new Linux users, on the second Tuesday of every month at the same time and location as the regular meetings.

The next Newbie Night is scheduled for Tuesday, May 13, 2014.

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* AMD Athlon's R3 Graphics: RadeonSI Gallium3D vs. Catalyst

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