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On Mon, 21 Feb 2000, --Damacus-- wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 21, 2000 at 03:38:59PM -0600, Cloudmaster wrote:
> > Is there any development going on with the linux router project?  I was
> > gonna set up a couple of boxes based on LRP, but since the last news item
> > was in May of '99 and they're still apperantly using a 2.0 series kernel in
> > their stable release (2.2's pretty much final now, I think)...
> Most certainly development is still going on.  At SHS, in a new lab being
> built (40 low-end 486 PCs running a heavily modified Slack4 setup, X with
> fvwm95, and netscape, then a web/file server running on a K6-2 450, and
> finally a Pentium 100 firewall/router) we are using a development version of
> the LRP.
> The kernel it's running is 2.2.6.  In
> ftp.linuxrouter.org/linux-router/dists/unstanble/kernel, they have copies of
> 2.214 and 2.2.9. 

bash-2.03# ls -l /usr/mirror/linux-router/dists/unstable/source/
total 3761
-r--r--r--   1 sauer    users     3834656 Jun 20  1999 2.9.5pre-devsnapshot.tar.gz
bash-2.03# ls -l /usr/mirror/linux-router/dists/unstable/kernel
total 5659
-rw-r--r--   1 sauer    users     2740925 Jan 29 15:14 2.2.14-1.tar.gz
-r--r--r--   1 sauer    users     3027194 Jun  5  1999 2.2.9-2.tar.gz

OK, so they've got a current kernel in there, but the last modification to
the development distribution was Jun 20, 99 - which is why I was asking...
I set up a LRP floppy last night with the reccomended base setup and was
kinda dissapointed with the organization.  I poked around some, and it just
appears like there's a whole bunch of stuff I don't want scattered all over
the place.  Granted, trinux hasn't been touched since mid- to late-99
either, but it feels a lot better laid out considering that it's meant to
run off of floppy.  Trinux also has "documentation" going for it, something
LRP is *severely* lacking as far as I can tell (hoewever, I'd like to be
corrected). If you're gonna mangle the system so much that you need kernel
patches to boot, it might help to write down how you mangled it...

http://www.linuxsupportline.com/~router/ also appears kinda neat.  Or maybe
I'll just use Yard for the start on my own darn disk.  I didn't think I was
asking for that much when I started looking for a bootdisk with a 2.2
kernel, ipchains support, and a dhcp client + server...  Maybe perl too. :)

Eh, thanks for pointing out the kernel.  I needed a reason to rant.

--Danny, using trinux until he finds a 1-floppy solution or docs for LRP

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