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On Mon, Feb 21, 2000 at 03:38:59PM -0600, Cloudmaster wrote:
> Is there any development going on with the linux router project?  I was
> gonna set up a couple of boxes based on LRP, but since the last news item
> was in May of '99 and they're still apperantly using a 2.0 series kernel in
> their stable release (2.2's pretty much final now, I think)...

Most certainly development is still going on.  At SHS, in a new lab being
built (40 low-end 486 PCs running a heavily modified Slack4 setup, X with
fvwm95, and netscape, then a web/file server running on a K6-2 450, and
finally a Pentium 100 firewall/router) we are using a development version of
the LRP.

The kernel it's running is 2.2.6.  In
ftp.linuxrouter.org/linux-router/dists/unstanble/kernel, they have copies of
2.214 and 2.2.9. 

As far as preformance, its sexellent.  Masquerading is easy to set up, and it
comes with things like port forwarding, masquerading and firewalling ready to
go.  T'is quite sexy, really.  mmm..

Oh yes, and one thing that is just awsome about these distros is that you just
sort've hit the switch and really don't give a damn. ;)


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