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delegating in-addr.arpa.

i am convinced that i am doing this correctly, however trying to delegate
in-addr.arpa domains is just not working out for me.

the block in question: 192.168.200 (changed to protect the innocent)

the block has two nameservers listed as authoritative:

	ns1.isp.bar (master)
	ns2.isp.bar (slave)

isp.bar wants to delegate this block to its customer foo.bar
foo.bar has a single nameserver


on ns1.isp.bar:


zone "200.168.192.in-addr.arpa" {
	type master;
	file "db.192.168.200"

@	IN	SOA	ns1.isp.bar.	admin.isp.bar. (
			2001021301	;Serial
			10800		;Refresh after 3 hours
			3600  		;Retry after 1 hour
			604800		;Expire after 1 week
			86400 )		;Minimum TTL of 1 day

	IN	NS	ns.foo.bar

the secondary nameserver for isp.bar has a regular old slave entry in its
/etc/named.conf file and pulls the zone from ns1.isp.bar with no problems.

on ns.foo.bar, they have an entry in their named.conf that looks like a
regular old master zone file setup, and a corresponding zone file to boot.

on ns.foo.bar, the reverse lookups work just fine, but no other nameserver
on the internet seems to be able to find out that queries for this block
should be directed to ns.foo.bar.

why is this? the oreilly book is a bit vague on this, and its only example
shows delegating in-addr.arpa domains by storing them in a "." zone.

can anyone tell me what exactly i am missing on this?
do i need to create an aggregate like 8.216.in-addr.arpa and then delegate
from there?

thanks -charles

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