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Re: php,perl,app svr, sql dbase preferences

On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 01:03:25PM -0500, Bob Castleberry wrote:
> i'm still trying to design this fun and usefull inventory control project,
> so i've got it down to believing that all i need is a database and a way to
> put access to it from the web (php, perl, app srv, ect.), so now i've looked
> at each and could use some usefull input from those that have had experience
> with each (good and bad), i hope i didn't instigate a holy war over which is
> the best to access databases from the web, thanks

Were I doing somethign like that (hmm, is that what I do almost every day?),
I'd do it with PHP and your favorite DB backend.

I'd do it that way because PHP is really designed for web work, and makes
database stuff really easy.  Perl does too, but given the amount of HTML
you'll likely be generating, it makes sense to be working in an environment
that blends with HTML easily.  Embedded Perl would also work, I suppose,
but I'm still partial to PHP for the web.  It's nice to just put plain HTML
in between ?> and <? instead of quoting and print()ing everything.

This all hinges upon language familiarity, though.  If you wanna learn some
new language, PHP is worthwhile.  If it's a big project that you don't have
time to be learning with, then use a language you're already good with so
you don't spend forever figuring out the intriciacies of a new lang.

Personally, I've only done web/db stuff with RXML, Perl, and PHP, so I can't
coment on the others, but PHP's tight HTML integration, Perl-like syntax,
and nice db/string manipulation functions have drawn me away from the other

Oh, and if you can find a pre-written app that does what you need, don't waste
your time reinvinting the wheel. ;)

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