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Re: php,perl,app svr, sql dbase preferences

Danny Sauer said:
> Embedded Perl would also work, I suppose,
> but I'm still partial to PHP for the web.  It's nice to just put plain HTML
> in between ?> and <? instead of quoting and print()ing everything.

Err...  There are a bunch of different ways to do that in Perl.  I use
Apache::ePerl on www.luci.org and www.silug.org...  See


for how to set it up.

> This all hinges upon language familiarity, though.  If you wanna learn some
> new language, PHP is worthwhile.

I hate to start a language war, but PHP is a hideous piece of crap.  See


Granted, I'd rather see people use PHP than the closed-source
alternatives, but I prefer solutions that use real languages (even
real languages I don't like) like Zope or the various mod_perl
ePerl-like solutions.

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