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Re: Building a Network

On Tuesday 30 October 2001 08:30 pm, you wrote:
> Joe Newbie here...
> I tested a theory with a plain clean windoze 98 install to the cable modem
> - it seems all it wants is a TCP/IP connection via RJ45 connected to a box
> having a known "name" registered by the cable folks.

If your Cable modem is using ethernet - and it would appear that it is,
then all you need, hardware wise, is the Linux box, 2 ethernet nic's (one for 
the linux to the internet, and a second for your internal network) and the 
proper cabling.

Software wise, install the Redhat as a server, and throw out all of the 
un-needed things. (I'll leave it up to someone wiser than I to say what is 
needed). Just leave the firewall/router 'stuff'.

> I know I'll have to compile my own kernel (which
> intimidates me since I never done that either). 

Not that I know of, but again, wait for the knowing ones to speak.

> scripts? What about "naming" a computer? I don't recall ever seeing this?
> In the windoze box, in the networking dialog there is a tab where one can
> give the computer a name - how does this translate to Linux?

In Windows, in the Network dialog box, under the [Identification] tab, "that" 
computer name refers to the Workgroup name that Windows uses (and Samba would 
too if you set that up)

If you went to TCP/IP Properties for Nic you have installed in that box, then 
choose the [DNS Configuration] tab, there you would see a place to make 
entries for Host and Domain names. Those are the names you would have to 
worry about. (If you use DHCP to allow your ISP to configure this for you, is 
is automatic, and you would not have entered it yourself)

In RedHat, most of this can be configured during install.
You can also run 'netconf' in a terminal window and it will pull  up the 
configurator for you.

Unless you are using a static IP, I would elect to use DHCP and let it do the 
work for you.

That is about the extent of my knowledge. Now I'll let the others correct my 
mistakes :)  and finish telling you (or at least point you in the right 
direction) how to set up the firewall.


> -- Joe
> who is just starting out and putting crazy little phrases after his
> message... what a poser!
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