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Re: ANNOUNCE: Theres a new Linux list...

I've been thinking about this for some time now (at least since you posted 
the message) and have come to the conclusion that you can keep your Yahoo 
group. I don't know about you or anyone else, I know only how I feel about 
this. Yahoo is a HUGE organization and in order to 'join' your community 
through their umbrella portal - you have to register personal information 
like age, geographic locale, and personal information that I'd just as soon 
not give them. I don't trust Yahoo with my money (they burned me in the 
market for a couple of dollars), I don't like their 'holier-than-thou' 
attitude, and I especially don't care to support or be a part of any large 
corporate entity - no matter what they SAY they stand for (when I have a 
choice and it doesn't affect whether I can put food in my belly and keep a 
roof over my head - like being forced to support, grudgingly, Microsoft and 
their Information Anarchists). I don't care for having to put crap on my 
computer of having to run what I feel may be insecure code even in my 
browser to chat or talk. I don't now nor ever felt a need for real-time 
discussion online, anyway - that's what the telephone was invented for... 
and nothing beats face to face conversation!

Is this unreasonable? Do I have an attitude? Did someone piss in my grits 
this morning (Actually one of my cats pissed on my beer huggy - I left it 
out last night after watching Saturday Night Live...   eeeeyyyyyyuuuuuwwwwww

Perhaps   :|

Suffice it to say, I would prefer that you run your own server and delegate 
willing participants to generate the tools they'd (who are THEY? Real geeks 
and user group members who would willingly donate their time for this) like 
to see and use on the server without relying on some 'outside' hosting 
service provider forcing their commercials and business issues down your 
throat. Create your own virtual community - on your own servers - without 
relying on big brother! There are a variety of tools and sourceforge 
projects that have all these services and more. I refuse to sign up to 
anything Yahoo, now or ever. Same goes for AIM, MSN, or any of the other 
denizens who bleed you for personal information to further their dark plans 
for the future where they'll make you feel you can't live without their 
service - where you no longer have a desire but a NEED. Somewhat akin to a 

Time to meditate...  (assuming the lotus) "oohhhhmmmmmm..........."


At 09:14 PM 11/2/01 -0600, you wrote:
>Please delete if you have no interest in things St. Louis and/or Linux.
>I would like to introduce SILUG and LUCI to a Linux-related discussion list
>(and other goodies) for the Greater St. Louis Linux community. This post is
>intended as an outreach to our fellow LUGs, and we hope that you will feel
>free to participate and use the resources to augment your current email-only
>Linux-related discussion list subscriptions. Some of the features we
>STLLUGers find new and interesting, I'm sure you find old hat, as many of
>you already have these features on your own websites and LUG resources.
>We invite you to join and help us explore these features and their effect
>on our virtual community, as well as offering a place to network amongst
>our regional LUGs. I hope you accept our invitation.
>There are polls, calendars, file transfer, and more.
>Now if only there were some posts...
>We are exploring providing new resources to our community, and think the
>Yahoo groups offer us some features that let us do just that - the polls,
>file transfer, chat, etc. in a way that doesn't require more than just about
>zero effort to "turn on" while we see if it is useful. The idea is that what
>we find works, will migrate to our regular local area website communities
>and user groups. We would appreciate your participation in our experiment,
>and look forward to hearing from you all.
>perl -le "$_='7284254074:0930970:H4012816';tr[0->][ BOPEN!SMUT];print"
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>"unsubscribe luci-discuss" in the body.

To unsubscribe, send email to majordomo@luci.org with
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