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Re: ANNOUNCE: Theres a new Linux list...

Laszlo Acs wrote:
> I've been thinking about this for some time now (at least since you posted
> the message) and have come to the conclusion that you can keep your Yahoo
> group. I don't know about you or anyone else, I know only how I feel about
> this. Yahoo is a HUGE organization and in order to 'join' your community
> through their umbrella portal - you have to register personal information
> like age, geographic locale, and personal information that I'd just as soon
> not give them.

Then don't give them any info. In fact, I think you can sign up with just 
your email that you want the list traffic to go to. If you want to participate 
in the web stuff, then I can see why you need to identify yourself as a 
member (so they can distinguish between public, member, moderator, and owner).

As far as I know, you don't have to complete any other demographic 
information other than creating your login id, a password, and an email 

In additon, if you ever purchase anything via a Yahoo-based store, you may
want to use the id. The alternative is Hailstorm...

> I don't care for having to put crap on my computer of having to run what I 
> feel may be insecure code even in my browser to chat or talk. I don't now 
> nor ever felt a need for real-time discussion online, anyway - that's what 
> the telephone was invented for...
> and nothing beats face to face conversation!

I agree. Just signing up to get the mailing list doesn't force you in any
way to:
  1) Create a yahoo email account.
  2) Complete demographics forms to participate
  3) Install "chat" software or other browser doodads.
I didn't install or use Yahoo's Chat client either. But I know that the chat 
isn't the only feature on the website.

We wanted to look at the calendaring, database, membership/bounce admin 
tools, lazy delegation of moderation, and searchable archives. I hadn't
really thought too much about the chat, because I feel the same way about it.
And IRC with BitchX is just kewlr.

> Suffice it to say, I would prefer that you run your own server and delegate

That's nice. Perhaps you have the time and resources to rewrite every piece
of software you use. I do not.

> Create your own virtual community - on your own servers - without
> relying on big brother! 

Please tell me why I must re-invent the wheel again?
Just to be an "individual"? Do you refine your own gasoline? 
Do you grow the wheat and corn in your bread? Milk your own cows?

Besides, many of us don't know what we want, and are using this to "see 
what's out there". Maybe we'll find it unsatisfying enough to write our
own, the "right way", or we may honor that tenet of Perl programming,
Laziness, and decline your offer to continually re-invent the wheel.

> There are a variety of tools and sourceforge projects that have all these 
> services and more.

Feel free to suggest some of your favorites. We're all ears.
The group is also a place where several user groups can virtually 
cross-interact and thus there may never be a physical server on which
we can be hosted. I specifically didn't want to host with any particular
LUG's host, to boost the impartiality and decrease the dependency on
the host LUG's resources and members. So there are other reasons I didn't
go build my own host as you suggest, even though I would have liked to.
I also don't have the funds to put into it, and neither do many of the 

> I refuse to sign up to anything Yahoo, now or ever.

Fair enough. I stated clearly enough it was an invitation.
It doesn't hurt my feelings to decline.

> denizens who bleed you for personal information to further their dark plans

You mean you tell the *truth* on their stupid web-forms? Think GIGO.
Or use a filtering proxy like JunkBuster or GuideScope.
Or buy stock in them, so if they win, you win. And vote in every stockholder

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