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Re: This is an interesting problem!

Jeff Licquia wrote:
> On Sat, 2002-06-01 at 20:50, Travis Davies wrote:
> > Ok, tell me if this sounds familiar to you. I got a
> > computer running windows.
> There's your first problem. :-)

Boy, it sure *does* sound familiar.

> > beyond repair. So i shut the machine down I remove the
> > the trouble drive(primary slave) and reboot. Now The
> > drive that was already the machine (the good one)
> > can't be detected. So Now I am stuck with two drives
> > that won't work. Have any of you ever heard of
> > anything like this?

Yes. They're called Microsoft viruses. Perhaps you have contracted a
particularly nasty MSTD?

> As for why Windows won't recognize your good disk anymore: Who knows?
> Try re-detecting the drive in your BIOS setup.  Check your BIOS boot
> parameters.  Make sure there aren't any floppies or CDs in any drives.
> Try booting from a Linux install CD and see if the installer recognizes
> the disks.

Agree here. Check what's printed on the drive label for the CHS parameters.
C=Cylinders, H=Heads, S=Sectors. They should match what your BIOS auto-detects.
They should match what Linux detects.

Your BIOS should have a way to low-level format or "destructive test" the
drives. Because of its nature or the other remedies - format the drive
(with the option to ignore bad sectors and re-test them) or to install
another operating system (after a format for another filesystem type), you
probably should not hold out hope that anything on the old drive is

I'd also boot from a Win95/98 floppy if you have one, and run FDISK to
verify your disk setup - and check the "active" partitions. You *did* 
make a Windows "Rescue disk", right? (With fdisk, format, xcopy, CDROM 
drivers, and friends on it)

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