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backup mail server

Hello all,
I'm working on creating a backup mail server that will simply hold mail
until the primary server comes online. Both the primary and secondary will
have permanent internet connnections, however I'd like the secondary just
to act as the failsafe should the primary every go down for a period of
I know that I can configure MX records for each

@	IN	MX 2 mail1.foo.bar.
	IN	MX 4 mail2.foo.bar.

But I am more concerning about the configuration on the mail2 box. I am
using sendmail as my transport. It seems that just leaving the MX records
the way they are will cause mail2 to expect to deliver mail received
locally for its domain. What needs to be configured to force the machine
to forward mail on, once mail1 is back online so that it may then deliver
the mail locally?

Marcelo Medici

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