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Re: Apt for RPM question, blocking certain rpms

On Wed, 2003-10-08 at 10:19, Erich Schroeder wrote:
> I also think this would be a good topic. I still haven't figured out how
> to find out RPM-APT functions, other than asking Steve. For example, one
> of my upgrades updated the apt.conf file so that I can see that now there
> is the possibility of different rpm options for install and erase. On a
> number of my machines I exclude documentation and I used to have to
> comment out the command when removing rpms. In the RPM section of apt.conf
> I had:
>    Options {"--excludedocs";};
> But now you can have:
>     Options { };
>     Install-Options { "--excludedocs"; }
>     Erase-Options { };

Check the documentation section of the apt package.  On Debian, there's
a file called "configure-index" in there that contains a description of
every possible option you can pass to apt.conf.
Jeff Licquia <jeff@licquia.org>

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