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Re: MDK 9.2 out

> On Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 06:00:11PM +0000, mike808@users.sourceforge.net wrote:
> > I'll be working with Steve to get them up on the mirror soon.
> Don't talk to me...  Talk to the site I mirror from.  All they have is
> 9.2rc2 from a month ago in their ISO tree.
> Or find me a better site to rsync against.  :-)

That would be *me* putting the file on my UML and asking you to promote it to
the public FTP site. :=)

The ISOs are not available yet on the general mirrors - only to MDKClub members
for now. Of which I am a Silver member, and also have a license/access to the
"PowerPack" ISOs, but am not able to distribute them. They're trying to incent
folks to be members (and migrate to electronic distribution) and also trying
to manage the bandwidth required to distribute it over the net. Which is why
it's only available as a BitTorrent. :=)

I was offering to get it into the hands of my fellow LUCI/SILUG/ARCHLUG members 
"early" if they so desired. Note: these are the "free" ISOs, not the PowerPack 
ISOs, which contain non-free, conventionally licensed software (specifically, 
they tend to be things like browser plugins - Adobe Acrobat, Macromedia Flash, 
etc. and maybe some fonts)

If you don't want to put it up on the main FTP site, I'll see about making it
available on a UML-based FTP server. Obviously, I'll take it down after the
general release gets pullled onto the mirror, since there would be no need
any longer. This all may be moot at the end of the month anyway.



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