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ArchLUG sponsors MandrakeMove test drive


ArchLUG is willing to send a lucky reviewer this CD and a 32MB USB Key drive to
check it out.

The selected recipient (or team) should be willing to test operation on at least
one desktop with USB and one laptop system with USB, preferably more (with or
without USB functionality beyond the first two systems).

Experience with successful Knoppix boots on tested systems is a plus.

Recipient will be expected to post their review (50 word minimum) on the ArchLUG
Kwiki at http://www.archlug.org/kwiki/MandrakeMoveReview

Peer acceptance of the review on the ArchLUG site at
http://www.archlug.org/kwiki/MandrakeMoveReviewAcceptance or by email to me, and
I'll add your tally (simple majority, one vote per person) means you get to keep
the USB key drive. You get to keep the CD either way.

Sorry, Windows drivers will NOT be provided with the USB key drive. :=)

Email me your application off-list directly. I expect to make a decision by 5pm 
Tuesday, Dec 2, 2003, in time to deliver in the case that the recipient is a
member of groups that are holding their meetings this week.

Sorry for the short notice, but it was just released.



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