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M$ vs. the world (was Re: C# SIG - blah blah blah)

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 06:41:59PM -0600, Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> For once, we have a Freedomware effort that is trying to force a little
> "compliance" on Microsoft by matching them, step by step, as they
> develop their new platform.  Microsoft will still be Microsoft, and it's
> difficult for the Mono team to "keep up" at times, but at least vendors
> now have a "benchmark" to measure Microsoft against.

I still think the mistake here is caring about what M$ does to begin
with.  As long as they write the rules, they will always win the game.

Maybe it is just the crowd I associate with, but it has been a long
time since I saw anyone who actually cared what the M$
scheme-of-the-day is.  This is a Good Thing.

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