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Re: GNU mirror going away

> Taking down their rsync service is stupid.  If they are worried about
> the security of their rsync/ftp server, they should put it on a server
> that is push-mirrored from a box behind a firewall, limit connections
> to hosts that have applied to be mirrors, etc.

They're GNU. Their position is that they won't limit connections.
The whole GPL thing that that GNU guy, RMS thunk up, you know. But that's a
sideshow^Wanother story. :=)

> You should note that I have gone to considerable personal expense to
> move my *mirror* server to its own dedicated box recently, largely due
> to security concerns.

That was your choice. Why should I note it? And nobody asked you to bear that
expense on your own. Now, that said, if you want to pass the hat to replace that
RAID heater unit in your basement, let us know what you're thinking about doing,
and I'll see what help I can get you on making it happen. (i.e. a switch from
the SCSI RAID of 6 50GB disks (half operational, right?) to an IDE RAID of 
fewer 250GB disks.)

> > Oh, and you *CAN* mirror GNU with rsync from rsync://mirror.mcs.anl.gov/gnu/
> IF that site is still current, I HIGHLY doubt it would be a good site
> to mirror from if rsync is disabled on ftp.gnu.org.

You don't understand -- I'm suggesting you RSYNC from ANL. How they get their 
mirror is irrelevant. Maybe they get their mirror via FTP. They just make it
available via HTTP, FTP, and rsync. And a mirror is a mirror. Why do you doubt
their rsync feed is somehow "less" of a mirror than an FTP or HTTP one? And
there is NO basis for the "IF that site is current" comment. Why all the FUD?

Their page says they mirror GNU once a day, at 5AM, if you RTFWP.
Other sites, they mirror twice a day, at 5AM and 6PM. And their bandwidth is our
tax dollars at work.

> Besides, I don't like to mirror from intermediate sites, since that
> doubles the number of systems I have to trust.

Then mirror more than one thing from ANL. Besides, that will then *reduce* 
the number of systems you have to trust. :=)

> I won't mirror from ANL, but I might mirror from SuSE directly.

It's a *mirror*. Who cares where it's from? Your position makes no sense.
Unless its an ego thing that you being able to mirror from a primary site is
somehow more "special" than any other mirror? But that's orthogonal to the 
whole point of a "mirror" -- to be an exact duplicate of the original. They're
all the same, so no "mirror" is any better or worse than any other "mirror".

> I also may be turning the Mozilla mirror back on ...

Good. Oh, and the new Mozilla 1.6b has NT authentication, finally.

You should think again about pulling a SuSE mirror from ANL via rsync.

Another SuSE rsync-providing mirror source is at:

Another location is rsync:ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/suse

They also have rsync for KDE mirrors. See http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/ for details.



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