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Re: GNU mirror going away

> From: mike808@users.sourceforge.net
> > say "[Note]: due to resource and security concerns, we no longer use
> > rsync to update mirrors."  Since I only mirror things I can rsync,
> > well...  I'm sure you all see the problem here.
>  Perhaps you should consider those reasons before 
> making your 
> determination of betting the farm on your own rsync and 
> security abilities.

Yeah!!  I pay lots of money for this service.  Get off your lazy
butt and work around the problems, and do it yesterday.  It
says in the contract that this mirror is your first
priority in your life, and you will spend whatever time and expense
it takes to make my life easier.  P.S., please send me another
copy of the contract, as  I can't seem to find mine. ;)


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