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Re: GNU mirror going away

> Or are you trying to say something about the system 
> administrators at the
> Argonne National Lab, who are in charge of research for 
> nuk-u-lar stuff (they
> don't say if they only work on civilian projects)? You think 
> they're putting in
> those NSA backdoors into the kernel DRM? :=)

I'm not trying to say anything about those system administrators,
but rather that your chastisement of Steve is in any way justified.
It's his mirror.  He puts HIS time into supporting it.  He puts
mostly HIS money into supporting it, although others have donated
small amounts of money or hardware.

> And since SuSE doesn't offer
> rsync, and ANL does, and Steve insists on rsync, I don't see 
> what the big deal 
> is over not doing it. Other than Steve's ignorance of ANL and 
> his own FUD. And
> maybe some laziness, since he is a Perl programmer after all. :=)

Maybe its not a big deal to you, but he has given reasons why
he doesn't want to do it, they just aren't good enough for you.
So you bash Steve and hope that that will convince him that
he's too stupid to use his own judgement and will blindly do
as you say.

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