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Re: GNU mirror going away

> Yes, but unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world where
> everyone is honest, everyone is competent, and no one makes
> mistakes.

Then why bother with having mirrors at all, including the LUCI/SILUG one?
Is there some "standard" or some review, or "master list" of which "mirrors" are
"true" or not? AFAIK, SILUG is listed as an "official" mirror for Red Hat only.

And for all you or I know, who knows where the SILUG mirrors actually originate
from or on what schedule. At least ANL discloses this.

For example, I don't think Steve ever bothered to tell anyone that the Mozilla
mirrors were offline, and someone was mirroring from the SILUG mirrors. So your
same platitude applies to the SILUG mirrors as well.

Or are you trying to say something about the system administrators at the
Argonne National Lab, who are in charge of research for nuk-u-lar stuff (they
don't say if they only work on civilian projects)? You think they're putting in
those NSA backdoors into the kernel DRM? :=)

As for SuSE, ANL is listed as an official SuSE mirror for the complete set.
I would think that qualifies them to be just as valid as the SuSE servers
themselves - for they /are/ in SuSE's opinion. And since SuSE doesn't offer
rsync, and ANL does, and Steve insists on rsync, I don't see what the big deal 
is over not doing it. Other than Steve's ignorance of ANL and his own FUD. And
maybe some laziness, since he is a Perl programmer after all. :=)

Steve has had long-standing requests specifically for a SuSE mirror by quite a 
few members of the regional communities. His refusals to put up a mirror by
direct request from the community he serves are sounding less like reasons, and
more like excuses. And it saddens me for these recent events to lead me to think
that of Steve.

I hope he will reconsider establishing a SuSE mirror from


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