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Mandrake Move Review up for peer review

Jay Truesdale has put up his review of the new MandrakeMove 
distribution, a portable "live CD" distribution supporting personal 
information stored on a USB key drive.

Tell us what you think!


More importantly, tell us if you think Jay should get a licensed copy of 
Mandrake Move when released.

Voting closes Wednesday 12/17/2003. Please, one vote per person. Just 
press the 'Edit' button, increment the value of your choice, and press 
the 'Save' button.

Also, we're still accepting applicants for a review of Xandros 2.0 
(Evaluation Edition, beta testers OK, too). The lucky reviewer that 
passes the peer review gets a licensed copy of Xandros 2.0 Deluxe 
Edition. Email me for details or post your info as a comment (line that 
starts with a '#') on http://www.archlug.org/kwiki/Xandros2Review. We're 
looking to get the review in by Jan 6th.


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