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Re: Fedora Core == Linux?

Hi Steve,

--On Saturday, December 20, 2003 02:44:58 PM -0600 Steven Pritchard 
<steve@silug.org> wrote:

>> With a, relatively speaking, very short product life for security
>> upgrades.

> No, with no "official" support from Red Hat.  That doesn't change the
> fact that updates happen, and there's already a group planning to pick
> up support for old releases when Red Hat loses interest.

Well, Progeny is now picking up support for RH releases 7.2 - 9, but not 
for anything with Fedora.  They are charging $5 a month / machine.  Are you 
referring to another group, as mentioned above, or the Progeny team?  If it 
is another group, then it would be worthwhile to stay with Fedora. It is 
this 6-8 month life cycle that is bothering me. I spend too much time 
setting up servers, only to have to mess with them again during another 


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