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Re: Fedora Core == Linux?

On Sat, 2003-12-20 at 15:16, Gary wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> Well, Progeny is now picking up support for RH releases 7.2 - 9, but not 
> for anything with Fedora.

<anal>Actually, Progeny is not supporting _any_ RHL _yet_.</anal>

RHL 7.2, 7.3 and 8[.0] support will begin 1/1/2004.
RHL 9 begins 5/1/2004.

Fedora has not been announced because Red Hat is still supporting FC 1. 
FC 2 is planned for 4/2004, so expect FC 1 support to drop by summer's
end.  Progeny cannot begin to plan for a release who's deprecation has
not been determined yet.

I think Progeny's move to support FC or not will hinge on volume, how
much the community offers continued support for FC 1 via "Fedora
Legacy," etc...  Red Hat provides the infrastructure, it's up to the
community to see how much.  Just because Red Hat will not "officially"
support "Fedora Legacy" doesn't mean it won't.  Don't be surprised when
patches for a corresponding RHEL release find their way back to FC
release in Fedora Legacy, but a supposed "community" member (who also
happens to be a Red Hat employee ;-).

BTW, and here's my "assumption," any FC release will be supported by Red
Hat just long enough until the next RHEL release based on it comes out. 
E.g., FC 2 is planned for release in 4/2004, RHEL 4, planned to be based
on FC 2, is planned for release in 12/2004.  Also note that not every FC
release will have a corresponding RHEL release.  E.g., FC 1 will not
have one (RHEL 2.1 = RHL 7.x, RHEL 3 = RHL 9).  Assume every second or
third FC release will have a corresponding RHEL release (4-6 months v.
15-18 months).

> They are charging $5 a month / machine.  Are you referring to another
> group, as mentioned above, or the Progeny team?

Progeny is not the only one, but the biggest commercial entity to
announce support to date.

Fedora Legacy is _also_ supporting RHL 7.2, 7.3, 8[.0] after the year's
end, and RHL 9 after 4/30/2004.  It will be interesting to see how long.

> If it is another group, then it would be worthwhile to stay with
> Fedora.  It is this 6-8 month life cycle that is bothering me.  I
> spend too much time setting up servers, only to have to mess with
> them again during another Version.

Then you might want to consider RHEL ES 3, as it will be supported for a
guaranteed 5 years.  Right now you can get 2 years for $349/system.

There is no guarantee Progeny will support RHL 7.2-9 for that long any
more than Progeny will support FC 1, etc...

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