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Re: Heading back to Orlando -- WAS: Fedora Core == Linux?

Hello Bryan,

Monday, December 22, 2003, 11:48:08 PM, you wrote:

>> This is a sad tale, and I personally am sorry to see you go, as I have
>> enjoyed our banter. <g>

B> Thanx.  Right now I'm admist documenting my job through the end of the
B> year.  The typical, ~200 page manual.  This seems to be a recurring
B> theme for me as of late.  But I do it because I always dedicate myself
B> to ensuring my employer (or client/employer's client) gets the best
B> quality of work for which they have compensated me directly/indirectly
B> for.

I call it professionalism <g>

B> I hope things start to change, for America's sake.  It's not even the
B> problem of not having good people are out there.  Even when they are in
B> a position of power, they typically cannot intervene because it would
B> require them to admit fault within their organization -- a litigation
B> nightmare.

It is also something you cannot talk about, either now or in the future, I
would imagine.

>> As soon as my wife finishes her dissertation and oral defense for her PhD,
>> (somewhere between May and August or so), we also plan on moving out that
>> way, around the Orlando area. Please stay in touch.

B> Good luck.  My wife was set to begin teaching at Illinois Wesleyan at
B> the start of the year, and they said they were going to help her get
B> started on her doctorate (she has 2 Master's degrees).  But no more.

Hopefully, something better will come along, and yet if she is employed as
a teacher, chances are they will still help (monetarily) with continued
education. This is often the case, and they pick up the tab. What makes it
difficult is the previous tenure, but that will occur again.

B> I could have just stayed and worked a few more months until I secured
B> other employment.  But that would not have been fair to my employer's
B> client, since they were transitioning more and more lead responsibility
B> to me.  And then there would be the issue of returning to Orlando in the
B> middle of a semmester in the case of my wife.

Yes, somehow it is always a matter of timing, and foresight.

B> No, I think the timing was right.  It came to a point, one that I could
B> not assume would "work itself out" (and I found out I was right
B> after-the-fact).  Yeah, it cost me.  But that's nothing new as of late.
B> People respect my integrity, attention and dedication to the companies
B> which I serve, regardless if it comes back to me.**

These qualities are picked up and noticed by others.

B> Because, in the end, I have to live with me.  And when I stop liking who
B> I am, I lose.  [ Damn, when did I go "Stuart Smalley"??? ]

Exactly what I was going to say. <g>

B> **NOTE:  Don't confuse me as "in-person, Bryan J. Smith, professional"
B> with me as in "TheBS" via e-mail.  TheBS is definitely a jerk (or at
B> least "abbrassive" putting it mildly ;-) on a regular basis in e-mail
B> (just ask my associates of years).

I knew that <g>  I am still not going to use Fedora <g>  RH maybe, I'll
stay with..  Currently running SUSE and FreeBSD, and looking at Gentoo and
Libranet. My best wishes go with you and yours.

Best regards,

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