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Re: Insight broadband with linux woes

    I just got through using Insight BB, only because I moved again, not because it was bad. I a
linux box as the router, all I did was register using a WinBox, pull the NIC and put it in my NAT
box, everything worked fine after that. Perhaps the router is doing some weird kind of NAT? I
don't have any experience with Linksys, but if your desperate you can do what I did.

Dump the router, run NAT on the linux box, pull the NIC from the windows box and put it in the
linux NAT box (on the appropriate card of course). You'll need a spare NIC on the NAT box for the
internal NAT'd network of course.

Or dig up an old 486 to use as a dedicated NAT, they handle the task well.

As to SBC Yahoo DSL I don't know about UIUC (I work for UIC) but I can confirm that:

i)   It messes up VPN
ii)  It conflicts with some inhouse cross-campus Software apps (if your not in computer support,
don't worry about this)
iii) They don't have the best tech support, when you need it.

This from some inhouse people who got Yahoo DSL, and end up doing all their campus work through a
dialup (they were running windows too.)


--- Amit Mehrotra <amehrotr@uiuc.edu> wrote:
> Greetings,
> Before getting InsightBB I ran through a similar thread from Aug 2003 on 
> this list. I live in Champaign IL and got InsightBB. I have a linksys 
> router to which I have connected two laptops. One is Windoze 2000 (which 
> was used for registration and whose MAC address I cloned on the router). 
> The other is a dual-boot Windoze2000 and linux. I installed InsightBB 
> software on both laptops (on windoze side on the dual boot one). From 
> Windoze side both work fine. I use Mozilla on Windoze side for web 
> browsing but the one-time registration was done using IE. The problem is 
> when I am in linux mode.
> First, I coould not view any webpage from the linux side. I would get a 
> message saying that I need to register my PC and when I followed the 
> link, it said that I am already registered. When I tried pinging 
> www.google.com, ping returned from www.google.com.***.insightbb.com. I 
> remembered the mention of the DNS issue so I replaced their nameservers 
> from /etc/resolv.conf with University of Illinois nameservers. Now I 
> could get to quite a few sites but not to www.uiuc.edu or www.google.com 
> or mail.yahoo.com. I looked at Mozilla's configuration on the Windoze 
> side and it is not using any proxy.
> It is somewhat critical for me to get to uiuc.edu websites from linux 
> side. Is there a way out or should I dump InsightBB and go with Yahoo 
> DSL which seems to be available here? I have read a few reviews on the 
> web of SBC/Yahoo DSL and they claim that in Champaign it is slower than 
> dial-up! Anybody can comment on that?
> Thanks,
> Amit
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