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Re: squirrelmail, bincimap, qmail, and vpopmail

 	Why Binc? I never had much success with it, I'd look at dovecot 
for an easier and more robust setup.

There won't be a global HOWTO but basically.

1. Get a working IMAP server, check it with some IMAP client
2. Install Squirrelmail following any of the HOWTO's it will use the IMAP 

Your done.

Never done what your doing, but I have done Squirrelmail, and a lot of 
Maildir IMAP (best idea, don't do it) but no vpopmail.

Good Luck.


On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, Tim Grossner wrote:

> Has anyone on the list ever combined the above into a usable mail system?
> I have been tasked with migrating a qmail/vpopmail sytem away from its
> current Endymion Webmail interface to Squirrelmail. And so far, the net is
> lite on instructions and hints.
> Tim Grossner
> 217-438-6161 home
> 217-971-5693 cell

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